Classic Version

This model is part of our history. And it's also a great choice to begin your story with us.

The classic version brings inside a t-light candle and is already prepared to receive our electrified base that transforms it into a sophisticated lamp.

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CANDLE IN besides decorating also light your environment with the charm of Candlelight, and can be used over and over again, without melting or lose it's initial form. Creates a special radiance to brighten images applied in its structure and ensures a warm and intimate atmosphere.
Its structure is produced in paraffin. Has in its interior a piece of glassware, retardant base, which makes it the perfect fit for the t-light candle. The light will illuminate your favorite images with the charm of candlelight. CANDLE IN the perfect combination between Light and Image!

CANDLE IN, an unforgettable gift!

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