Candle In - Who We Are

Who We Are

The Rui Pimenta´s dynamic management, coupled with the determination and creativity of Patricia Paes Leme, make this project a certainty for business innovation.

The Candle In, Lda. began operations in early 2012.
The brand is the result of the evolution of the successful project called Candle Design, created in 2005 by Patricia Paes Leme.
In 2011 Patrícia joined to Rui Pimenta, who developed a new investment project for the brand internationalization.
Thus, in 2012, Candle In comes to the market from the union of this three portuguese entrepreneurs.

In 2014 the Candle In was awarded the QREN project and began its internationalization process. Today, our candles are already present in the five continents.
The main focus of Candle In is the development of creative and innovative projects, with a clear focus on Portuguese design.
We are present in all stages of the process, from ideation to the final sale.

The Brand values

Constantly we improve our products to keep permanently the inherent standard of quality, durability and safety.

Quality. Durability. Security.

CANDLE IN is aware that, in each purchase of our product, there is an expression of confidence from our customers.

Recognizing the value of this choice, we strive to meet this vote of confidence. We fully dedicated to market articles with a quality up to the expectations of our customers.

In addition to our costumers satisfaction, we have also set as target the well-being and job satisfaction of our employees, creating a work environment that prioritizes, above all, human values.

CANDLE IN, a portuguese brand of excellence!

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