Who we are


CANDLE IN is a Portuguese brand that was born in 2005 when PatrĂ­cia Paes Leme saw the beauty of a delicate candle light and dreamed.

From dream to action was a small leap, she researched shapes, tools, images, and, tirelessly, that Christmas she created a small factory in the kitchen of her parents' home.

This was the beginning of a dream that intends to light up people's lives, their stories, moments and memories, a dream that continues to live stronger than ever and is still far from ending.

In 2012, he associated with two new investors with the main goal of leveraging the internationalization of the brand, and at that moment, Candle In was born for the world market.

Today, present in several museums and thousands of homes on five continents, Candle In thrills! 


Brand values

Quality. Durability. Safety.

Candle In is aware that with every purchase of one of its pieces there is an expression of trust from its customers. Recognizing the value of this choice, we make every effort to live up to this vote of confidence. We are fully dedicated to selling products with quality that lives up to our customers' expectations. Besides the satisfaction of our customers, we also have as a goal the well-being and professional fulfillment of our employees, creating a work environment that prioritizes, above all, human values.